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FRESH Fruits and Vegetables All Year Round!

Written By: Jai Ingersoll

Open Source Collaboration ‘Windowfarms’

R&D-I-Y is a web platform with over 18,000 global people who are collaboratively innovating for environmental stewardship and quality of urban life.  Windowfarms is the alpha project the platform is currently being developed on.

Upon viewing an informative presentation on Ted Talks about Windowfarms, R&D-I-Y Open Source Collaboration looks to be the next wave of technology for our sustainable future.  Windowfarms applies open source software development techniques to physical systems development.

R&D-I-Y is currently developing hydroponic systems, as well as aquaponics, nutrient sources, solar, sensor systems, LED’s, and alternative energy.  Because food has become a global issue due to an increasing world population and the corporate industrialization of our food sources, food prices will continue to rise.  In order to make progress in the century, we as a global conscience can create inner dependency by using open source collaboration technology.  One way to accomplish this is through the use of hydroponics, where we can begin to take personal control over the nutritional value and price of our current food sources. Hydroponics is one of the fastest growing areas of patenting in the US right now.  Fortunately, with open source collaboration, the patents for Windowfarms are being shared so everyone has the opportunity to use the sustainable technology.

Purchasing a window farm is a fairly simple procedure overall.   The R&DIY kit includes pumping, lighting, reservoirs, root covers, nutrients and aquaphonics. The process by which it is ordered falls into yet another category of emerging collaborative trends called KickStarter.  As of today, Windowfarms has 1,456 backers with $232,974 pledged of their $50,000 goal!  The motto for KickStarter is “A new way to Fund & Follow Creativity”.  KickStarter is also an open source collaboration tool where you can set up an account with a new creation, and request that people send pledges to support and fund your project.  Some of the most funded projects include arts, comics, dance, design, fashion, film & video, food, games, music, photography, technology, theater and writing & publishing.

Check out Mashups website, for information about how to crowdsource funds for causes, creativity and startups.  Some of the sites they refer to are: Crowdrise, KickStarter, Profounder and GrowVC, as well as many other celebrity-endorsed crowdsourcing fundraiser charities, K-12 educators, and group buying innovators.

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