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Mobile Apps Offer Solutions

Technology has touched our lives profoundly. It has changed the way we work on a daily basis. Cell phones are no longer simply a wireless device to make phone calls, individuals can now operate a businesses entirely with their smartphones. Our world has certainly transformed, at breakneck speed, into the technology revolution. No other time in our history has there been so much rapid change.

IPhone Application Pic With the invention of the smartphone, our society has most certainly “gone mobile”. Every task imaginable can now be performed on a handheld device. Although the following list is exhaustive, I’m sure there are some smartphone features that have been overlooked.
What can smartphones do? Information sharing, business computing, social networking, calendaring, phone calling, texting, emailing, photo taking/sharing, video recording/sharing, video calling, GPS & mapping, musical entertainment, games, movie downloads, reading electronic books, watching television, shopping, and mobile banking. Smartphones are portable, fast, affordable and are empowering millions of people with real-time connectivity and solutions for consumer needs. For interesting mobile facts, check out this video on YouTube: The Growth of Mobile: Stats and Figures that will shock you!

Since the surge of applications, or apps, the conveniences and access to tools for consumers have risen exponentially. Apple’s tagline is “theres an app for that” pretty much sums it up. If you can dream up a task, there is an app. An app is a compact internet software program that runs on smartphones which performs a specific task for the user. Tasks, or apps, are so plentiful that they are offered for download from “app stores” and are grouped into categories. Some apps are free and others are available for a nominal price.Currently, Apple has over 500,000 apps for work, games, education, music, travel and social networking to mention a few. The Android market has over 200,000 apps available, many dedicated to business efficiencies.

What does this mean for Madison businesses? According to an article titled “Going Mobile is More than a Trend”

In this day and age, very few consumer’s carry cash. Most items are purchased with a credit card or debit card. For business owners who travel, are selling goods and services at tradeshows, your business is home-based/customer-location based , or for street vendors, there is a new app-based solution to accept payments called Square. By downloading an app and adding a small piece of hardware to your phone, a business owner can complete a sale anywhere.

Check out this how to video for details: Credit Card Processing Without a Merchant Account is Possible with Square

Going mobile and incorporating apps in business allows opportunities to connect with customers in new ways and allows for more efficient business operations.

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By: Beth Eggemeier

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