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Beam Me Up Scottie!

Written By: Ritchie Jay Coggins

As I go back to my youth, I remember coming home from 1st Grade and watching reruns of Star Trek. I remember Captain Kirk transmitting a message via his communicator while beholding Lt. Commander Scott and requesting: “Beam me up Scottie!” Back in my wild, younger days I could discern from that 1960’s television show that video phones would be the wave of the future. Well, I’m not six years old watching Star Trek reruns, but I discern this trend gaining more and more momentum.

First Video Phones

First of all, let me define the definition of a video phone. According to Answers.com a videophone is a telephone equipped with both audio and video transmission.

To elaborate a little more copiously on this video phone, according to a Website called FaceTime, Apple has an iPhone where one can make video calls to someone else’s iphone, iPad2, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi. and be there in person when one actually isn’t. Furthermore, this iPhone has two built-in cameras, one on the front above the display and one on the back next to the LED flash. The front camera can be turned on for FaceTime. Moreover, this iPhone has just the right field of view and focal length to focus on one’s face at arm’s length. This purports that one is always presented in the best possible light. To elaborate more about the back camera, we might imagine that one’s sibling is away and can’t make it to a family party. As one brings a cake out for the person of honor, his or her face lights up and one can switch to the back camera to discern the individual’s felicity. Then, one can tap switches and be brought back to the front camera and the person making the actual call (FaceTime: Be in Two Places at Once, 2011). Yes, there’s no question that video phones will gain momentum with anecdotes like that.

However, one must ask about the price of these videophones? I did a little research and found a Website for Apple videophones advertising regular $800 phones for like $200 with a pertinent plan during the Thanksgiving holidays (Deal of the Day, 2011). Recently, a man I met on the bus the other day called Cornelius who told me he procured his video phone for $100 and only pays $70 a month for his plan. Thus, one can surmise just as traditional cell phones became cheaper when mass produced, these videophones will gain in popularity and abate in price. Frankly, I truly believe there is a certain aura of not only palavering with one’s loved ones, but beholding them visually even if one is over 1,000 miles away from home. The trend for video phones will become more and more popular as the price drops and technology makes them much more economically feasible, just as the first PC’s circa 1996 started at $5K .

Skype Video Phone

Apple’s announcement of an iPhone4 with FaceTime video calling capabilities is nothing new. The idea of a two-way communications device that transmits pictures as well as sound is as old as the phone itself, which is about 132 years old. According to the Technologizer Website economic factors have kept it out of the average consumer’s reach until the last few decades, and the public has greeted the concept with apathy. However, investors and dreamers maintain that the notion of a video phone is the wave of the future (Edwards, 2010). However, the Law of Demand and Supply comes into play. I truly believe as the prices for these items decrease, they will be as popular as the computer and cell phone is today. To add credence to this dictum, an article from the Website Mobile Ringtones.com recounted how mobile phones that support video content are widely spread to users all over the world and are expected to have continuous growth in the following years. In fact, a recent research study on the mobile phone market disclosed that more smartphones capable of video content will be sold than TVs this year.
In fact, more content will be available in the future such as box office movies, video clips of popular artists, and a lot of YouTube-like clips. Phone producers have realized that this is the proclivity to follow with upcoming products with most of the future models being at least video capable.
In conclusion, prudent marketers would certainly want to capitalize on the imminent trend that will become more and more popular as the video phone becomes cheaper to produce. As asserted previously, there is a certain aura in not only talking with your friend or family member, but actually seeing him or her when threshing. Yes, just as the cell phone is rife, video phones are the trend of the future. Frankly, I can just see in the imminent future some six-year-old urchins playing Star Trek and one little boy beholding another saying: “Beam me up Scottie!”
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