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QR Codes Track Ad Effectiveness

Written By: Steven Krause
Have you been noticing these coded squares popping up almost everywhere you look? They are on street posts, in magazines, newspapers, flyers, billboards, business cards, and web pages.  Pretty much everywhere I look these days I see one of these coded squares staring me in the face. Well, if you don’t know what this is, it is a quick response code or a qr code and you’d better get used to seeing them. It is one of the latest and more unique forms of advertising that’s sweeping the smart phone society we live in today.
If you own a smart phone, like the majority of society does today, you can download a mobile app called a qr code reader and use your smart phone to scan boxes like the one above. It will open a browser on your smart phone and take you to whatever company that produced the qr code website to view either products, promotions, or contact information the company or individual wants to provide to the public.
According to beqrious.com, there are estimated to be more than 53 million smart phone users in the United States that all have the capability to download qr code reader apps allowing users to scan qr codes.   Business owners have the ability to generate these qr codes for free and use them to link smart phone users to their blogs, web sites, social media pages, articles, product pages, or pretty much any information you want to communicate or advertise to the many people who own a smart phone. This unique new form of advertising is an emerging trend in the advertising world.  The best part about it for business owners is that it is free to generate these codes. This cheap new form of advertising is also easier to measure effectiveness as compared to traditional advertising strategies like magazine ads, newsletters, TV commercials, and radio ads, because it keeps track of the number of scans each code has undertaken. Also according to beqrious.com the amount of information a company can provide within the qr code is limitless in terms of length, size, and space, whereas with traditional media you would have to pay for additional airtime and advertising space.
With the mobile hand-held internet capabilities available today, qr codes allow for a more interactive experience for users to view advertisements. In the article, “QR Codes Track Ad Effectiveness” written by Libby Vertz, Vertz writes about how qr codes helped the Municipal Credit Union in New York wanted to make a more interactive experience for their members with their advertising creating to a more memorable message for the viewers. The article also stated that the qr codes created over 150 click-throughs on their web site showing that their members appreciated the ability to get information quickly through their smartphones. Credit Union Magazine QR Codes Track Ad Effectiveness.
This would be an effective and cheap way for small businesses to provide an interactive way to advertise to the masses. With the majority of the public owning a smartphone these days, this would be an effective way to jump start a small business, by providing smart phone users a way to view your products, web page, contact information, promotions, etc. Also, by being able to measure it effectively, by monitoring web traffic that is directed from the qr code scans, it makes it easy for business owners to tell if the campaign was a success or not. By not knowing where the qr code will take them until after they have scanned it also gives business owners the ability to capture or attain new customers simply by smart phone users being curious about where the code will lead them. With qr codes the possibilities are endless. With the large number of smart phone users today this form of advertising provides a large reach and high ad frequency potential that could be an effective way for small businesses to spread awareness and get their name out there.
If your business isn’t currently using this form of advertising I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this new medium before you get left in the dust.
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    Amy Gahran just posted an interesting article on this over at CNN. QR Codes are not catching on as most had hoped, with about 80% of college age students not even knowing what they are or how they work. The most interesting observation Gahran makes is that ‘smart objects’ may actually be what solves this issue down the road, not QR codes. This gets more into Machine to Machine communication and the Internet of Things.

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