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From voluntary to vital- Corporate Social Responsibility

   The global trend for environmental green initiatives is fast becoming mandatory. It seems like everywhere you look businesses are “going green” and are enhancing their reputation for social responsibly. Enacting energy conservation programs, or using solar & wind powered electricity, buying recycled products, buying more sustainable materials, using less hazardous cleaning products or improving lighting, heating/AC efficiencies.
   This trend is becoming so popular that it goes by it’s acronym CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility.
According to The Economist  “CSR reporting can help drive performance in a business, and in just over ten years, corporate sustainability reporting has shifted from voluntary to vital.” Having a corporate social responsibility plan is just as critical as a business plan or a marketing plan.
Traditionally the Madison area has openly and aggressively adapted environmental green
initiatives based on our city’s local behavior and culture. And the surge of toward environmental responsibility has put pressure on business. The trend for businesses to minimizing their environmental impact in the Madison area and positively contribute to the environment by adapting green business practices is growing.
A study conducted by IBM discusses how CSR and responsible business practices fit into society and how it affects consumer perception.
So how can your business adapt a CSR? Join the folks at The Green Scene for tips to get involved.
Or check out a local meet up!
An article in the Wisconsin State Journal shows that UW Madison is recognizing areabusinesses who have adopted efforts to go green with the Green Masters Program
The bottom line is that consumers are interested in corporate social responsibility. They have strong opinions about how the companies they support contribute to the environment and their community.
A consumer is much more likely to support a business that they feel is “doing the right thing”.  To help you earn how CSR affects your business, watch this video.
Local examples of CSR commitments:
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