The Nook

E –readers have become quite popular items.  Will e-readers replace the paper book?  I prefer the Nook e-reader released by Barnes and Noble book store.

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Everything paper is subject to going digital it seems.   The Nook supports  epub, this allows us Nook owner’s to loan books to each other.  Barnes & Noble, 3G, and AT&T have all partnered together to provide service for the Nook.  As long as you can get AT&T signal you can download a book with free Wi-Fi at 24,000 hotspots in less than 10 seconds.  There are 700 outlet stores you can get them at or order them online.  I love using it to subscribe to magazines and newspapers.  These devices run about $250 dollars.

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They are compact and can fit right in your purse or bag.  They act much like a book when you are reading it where you can touch the side of the screen and it turns the page for you. The battery life is pretty good as a nook can run about two months on a single charge. The touch screen is pretty reactive.

Is it possible E-readers replace the old college text books?  Remember being used to getting in line and gathering your heavy stack of books out of the book store after signing up for classes.

The new generation of e-readers is promising college students that they will free and liberate them from having to carry around loads of books from class to class.  You won’t have to do the run and switch from the locker or dorm rooms to change out books for the next class. From now on a small compact e-reader will pack it all in.  The Nook can hold about 1,000 books.

This will eventually be a digital choice of students.  Selections will increase with time.   Right now paper still reigns when it comes to college textbooks.  Some e-readers let you highlight text, but only a paper book and a highlighter do a better job to highlight your text.  Books work better for your notations.  With the true e-readers you will not get color to display for your pie charts or photos.  They are not quite ready to replace your textbooks yet but more like a supplementation.

We have a few different Nooks to choose from now.  For example the E-ink reader, Nook color, and then the Nook Tablet.   They are forever evolving.  You can pick the one that’s right for you.  The simple touch is the cheapest at $99 dollars.  They read well even in bright sunlight.  You can change the font size and type to your liking.  You can use it to borrow books from the public libraries.  The Nook color includes interactive children’s books that allow read and play activities.  You can watch TV shows and movies.  Now it is morphing into something much more than just an e-reader and digital book.  Soon it will include the Marvel comic book collections.  The screen displays 16 million colors.  Lastly, is the Nook Tablet.  This one is definitely the best in entertainment.

It is the fastest and most powerful tablet. There are movies and TV shows from Netflix.  I like to flip between books, movies, and games.  Movies stream quickly and smoothly.  I can E-mail and browse the web with built in Wi-Fi. I love to listen to music, and it comes with built in Pandora.

The Nook has an offering available to all kinds of Nook E-reader users from the person who still just wants an eBook to read, or to the person who wants to multitask and network with the tablet.  The Nook has what you’re looking for in entertainment.

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