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streaming your customers creativity

By: Steve Krause

Companies are leveraging customer’s creativity by initiating contests. The contests allow users to upload homemade commercials to the company’s Ustream channels.

This new form of advertising gives consumers the ability to create and upload funny and informal videos. Consumer’s compete while spreading brand awareness about the company and their products.

This new form of advertising also allows the company to tie in other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to the contest by requiring the contestants to participate on those platforms.

One company that is currently taking advantage of this concept is Honda, which is allowing people to create and upload theme songs for the new 2012 Honda Civic.  According to the article, “2012 Honda Civic Songwriting Competition Kicks Off”, written by Jesse Bishop, “The grand prize is a 2012 Honda Civic valued between $15,000 and $27,000, and a chance to perform live during the 2012 Honda Civic Tour date in Los Angeles and be featured during the Civics interactive marketing campaign.”

A contest like this allows for the consumer to create and generate a buzz for the Honda while giving consumers an interactive way to create and show their own views of the Honda Civic in a fun and engaging contest.  

Honda isn’t the first to company to engage in this new form of Ustream contest advertising.  We’ve all seen the Doritos super bowl commercials that were generated, uploaded, voted, and shown on Super Bowl Sunday.

Also locally here in Madison, Smart Toyota also created a video contest that allowed fans to win a new Toyota Scion by uploading homemade videos about the new Toyota Scion that required users to generate likes to the Smart Toyota Facebook and Twitter fans to vote on the videos which resulted in an increase of the Smart Toyota Facebook and Twitter fan base.  http://smarttoyotatalentsearch.com/how.html

Allowing fans to be creative with video contests allows for the potential to create a unique and potentially viral buzz for your company and products.  Video contests like these also allow consumers to promote your company’s products using their own voice with a fun and interactive medium at a fairly cheap price. The main cost of producing and maintaining a contest like this is organization and time making sure the contest runs smooth and without voter tampering.

Once your company has found a way to achieve this, the potential buzz and brand awareness possibilities are limitless.

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