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Changes to Google Search

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment
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Google has made some changes, yet again. Google search now has “Social Search”.  This means that when you are logged into your Google account and do a search that you will get personal results.

Things that will show up are people that are connected to your Google account or Google+. Google claims that this will give you an awesome personalized experience.  Since people are more likely to trust a friend’s recommendation over an automated system the theory seems like it would work.

However, I’ve noticed that it’s almost more topic specific.  Just because a friend of mine talked about a new computer system 2 months ago, doesn’t mean that I can use his input on a computer problem.

I actually find this somewhat annoying because the personalized results take up more valuable space at the top of the page.  I already have to scroll past the ads that were shaded at the top… now even more junk clutters the page.

The other thing that bugs me about this new change is that since it’s a Google product they don’t give you results from Facebook or Twitter.  Only a handful of my friends are on Google+, if I need to crowd-source a question- I’ll ask on Facebook.

I’ll be talking about how this new social search affects SEO in a post later this week.

If you have an opinion about Google Social Search let me know in the comments below.


3 Ways to Engage Your Customers

December 27, 2011 1 comment

By Heidi Adams

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Run a contest in-store or on Facebook or BOTH to promote a new item you’re going to carry.  Perhaps give consumers the chance to name it.  Name this new cookie flavor and win, a month’s supply.

If you’re not in the cookie business you could have them guess the amount of something or come up with the next promotion themselves.  It’s a great way to get feedback.   The prizes don’t have to be expensive, remember you’re catering to people who already like you.  Something like a gift card or even merchandise you were going to put on sale anyway works fine in this instance.


If you’re like a lot of small businesses, you are trying to grow your online following.

Post from the Madison College Libraries page.

A fun thing to do on a Facebook Fan page is a give-away.  The giveaway would be randomly drawn from your list of fans once you reach a certain number.  For example, the Madison College Library wanted to reach at least 600 likes and they chose to give away a nook color once they reached that number.

Another tactic is to do smaller prizes but more of them – an example would be “help us gain 20 fans by the end of the week and we’ll give away a $15 gift card.”

If you’re a business that works with vendors frequently, you might be able to ask for some free product to help promote.  It’s always a great way for them to advertise, too.  “We got a set of widgets from our widget vendor, comment on this post and be entered to win them.”


So you thanked the customer after they paid for their merchandise.  What about when they got home, or even the next month to see if they are still happy with their purchase? You might think it’s excessive, but if done the right way it will build your relationships.

Here is an example,  you up-sold the customer at your salon on a new shampoo that would work for them.  What about emailing them or better yet- Facebook messaging them to get their opinion?  You could word it like, “Thanks again for coming in last week!  What do you think about that new brand, is it working for you? Let me know what you think”

If you have the customer snail mail address, write them a letter, “Thanks for doing business with us. We hope that welder is getting some good use, let us know how it’s going and send us a pic of your work!”

In this rough economy a little goes a long way.  Be sincere and say thanks!

If you have ideas or thoughts on customer engagement comment below or write us an email:

2 local organizations for social media help

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

by Heidi Adams

I think we’ve all heard the saying it’s not what you know it’s who you know?  I think that in the case of social media that is even more true.  Sometimes networking offline is just as important as sitting at your desk tweeting.

There are two organizations in the community that make a point to do offline networking to improve their members’ online influence. You aren’t required to be a marketing professional or even a social media professional to be a part of these organizations. If you’re a new comer to social media or a pro the meetings and events provided by these organizations is a are great opportunities to bounce ideas off of professionals and peers.  Social media tools, trends and tips are discussed and networking is inevitable.

Social Media Breakfast: : Social Media Breakfast – Madison

Twitter: @smbmad




Who are they?

Social Media Breakfast is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2007.  Originally it started in Boston and there are now over 40 cities around the world that have their own chapter.  The Madison Chapter was founded in 2009.

On the Madison Chapter’s website the mission statement is front and center, “Early morning meetings with a focus on education, networking and caffeine”.

What do they do?

Since one of the goals in their mission statement is education, events put on by this organization are a great forum for learning about social media. SMBMad has an early morning meeting every 3rd Wednesday of the month at varying locations. Events range from speakers, panels or work sessions. It is a great opportunity to network face to face.  Best practices are discussed and reviewed at these meetings.  Registration for these meetings is required and you sign up via Eventbrite.  (Search for Social Media Breakfast Madison) The events are typically free due to sponsorship for businesses in the community.

In addition to the face to face meet-ups SMBMad keep an updated Twitter, Facebook and Linked In feed.  Discussions on what to meet about next or job openings are just some of the things discussed. Blogs from some of the board members are posted to the Linked In group feed as well.

Social Media Club, Madison: : Social Media Club of Madison (MadisonSMC)

Twitter: @MadisonSMC


Google+: Social Media Club of Madison



Who are they?

The mission statement of the Social Media Club National Organization is, “to expand digital media literacy, promote standard technologies, encourage ethical behavior and share best practices.”  The local Madison branch states on its site that they “focus on networking within the group” and goes on to say “we like to include a social media tool focus.”

The national group was started in San Francisco in 2006. Membership in the local branch is free and there are varying degrees of membership for the national organization.

What do they do?

Monthly events are held after business hours from local sponsors.  The last event was at The Madison Club .  Prior to that there was a meet up at AJ Bombers to socialize and raise money for the local group.  Other past events have included panel discussions, speakers and even pub-crawls with Foursquare.

It is suggested to register for these events and registration is available via Eventbrite. (search for MadisonSMC)

They also have active Twitter and Facebook pages that focus on social media trends and local topics.

streaming your customers creativity

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment

By: Steve Krause

Companies are leveraging customer’s creativity by initiating contests. The contests allow users to upload homemade commercials to the company’s Ustream channels.

This new form of advertising gives consumers the ability to create and upload funny and informal videos. Consumer’s compete while spreading brand awareness about the company and their products.

This new form of advertising also allows the company to tie in other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to the contest by requiring the contestants to participate on those platforms.

One company that is currently taking advantage of this concept is Honda, which is allowing people to create and upload theme songs for the new 2012 Honda Civic.  According to the article, “2012 Honda Civic Songwriting Competition Kicks Off”, written by Jesse Bishop, “The grand prize is a 2012 Honda Civic valued between $15,000 and $27,000, and a chance to perform live during the 2012 Honda Civic Tour date in Los Angeles and be featured during the Civics interactive marketing campaign.”

A contest like this allows for the consumer to create and generate a buzz for the Honda while giving consumers an interactive way to create and show their own views of the Honda Civic in a fun and engaging contest.  

Honda isn’t the first to company to engage in this new form of Ustream contest advertising.  We’ve all seen the Doritos super bowl commercials that were generated, uploaded, voted, and shown on Super Bowl Sunday.

Also locally here in Madison, Smart Toyota also created a video contest that allowed fans to win a new Toyota Scion by uploading homemade videos about the new Toyota Scion that required users to generate likes to the Smart Toyota Facebook and Twitter fans to vote on the videos which resulted in an increase of the Smart Toyota Facebook and Twitter fan base.

Allowing fans to be creative with video contests allows for the potential to create a unique and potentially viral buzz for your company and products.  Video contests like these also allow consumers to promote your company’s products using their own voice with a fun and interactive medium at a fairly cheap price. The main cost of producing and maintaining a contest like this is organization and time making sure the contest runs smooth and without voter tampering.

Once your company has found a way to achieve this, the potential buzz and brand awareness possibilities are limitless.